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We believe, that choosing the right IT partner is a half of the success. That’s why we developed a clear process of work, communication, feedback, and ideas generation.

For startups

If you are the owner of the startup, you should know how is it hard to convince investors to invest in your startup. Angel investors usually require MVP and customers feedback. Venture capital needs to see stable growth, a stable team, customers, who are paying and due diligence documents.

For small business

How often do you lose clients, because you have no suitable expertise or people? Want to temporarily extend your team? Do you have ideas, how to optimize your business expenses or earn more by automation of some business processes?

For Enterprise

Always waiting for free development resources to be available to work on your project? How often you idea is being postponed, because your internal developers are working on “more important” staff? Missing deadlines or have something urgent to implement?



Online education allows people to be flexible about learning on their own schedule. It provides access to various video courses, learning materials and guides. From the other side teachers can create content, which could be used during the learning process. Software can automatically evaluate results and give feedback about quality of knowledge and further steps to improve.


Health software plays important role in the processes of collecting, organizing, recording and storing medical information. Except of HIPAA and strict compliant algorithms it might have highly demanded features, such remote video consultations, transportation booking, insurance and attorney relations management, as well as health tracking and appointments management.

Our clients


Yury, CEO

Leads IdeaSoft, has more than 10 years of technical background. Could live in a tent in a deep forest, but the world of technology is calling.

Yaraslau, CCO

Used to live and traveled to different countries. It gave him not just the language skills, but the skills of a universal approach.

Yauheniya, Heart Recruiter

Talented professional, who has a great background in NGO sector and event organization.


Some of our Projects we are really proud of

Taking responsibility for every project we are working on brings happiness to our customers and make them feel more comfortable and relaxed.

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