Software for online consultations with a doctor

Client is an offline business, who wanted to extend their online services.

Client Information

This client is a healthcare provider company from the United Kingdom.

They noticed that a lot of people were really tired of wasting their time waiting for a specialist in clinics. Busy lifestyle often doesn’t allow patients to visit a doctor offline. In the UK, the doctor’s visit to the house is possible only in emergency cases.

Problems they wanted to solve

  • The desire to exclude long waiting process of patients before they getting on admission to the narrow-profile doctors;
  • Improvement of medical service in a private clinic in the UK;
  • A wish to make specialists’ consultations more comfortable, easier, more accessible;
  • Save time for doctors and make their work easier.


The solution was a development of an online platform and mobile applications which allow patients to use mobile phones or laptop to schedule an appointment, get a consultation online during the video call with the doctor, and get necessary prescriptions.

This application could simplify the process of interaction between the doctor and the patient.


Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)


Angular 4 , Ionic, Node.js, Cordova, WebRTC, Websockets


Gitlab,  Visual Studio, Xcode, Webpack

Country of Origin

London, United Kingdom

Year completed


Project duration

6 months



Team size


Working process

In order to implement all the requirements, our engineering team worked in close contact with the client. During a few online meetings, they identified milestones, deliverables, and a communication process, which included daily progress updates, bi-weekly demo, and planning meetings.

During the demo meetings, responsible person was demonstrating new functionality and parties were discussing it. This process helps to get a feedback from the client on early stages and plan the future work accordingly.

As soon as the client has an initial impression about his product, he was able to change some requirements during planning meetings which became possible because of Agile frameworks and principles usage.

Final product and key results

We developed a web and mobile applications, which allow to book an appointment with a doctor.

How does it work?

Our project allows patients to access medical care from their computers and smartphones. They even don’t need to leave their homes/offices.

The main features of this online platform:

  • A patient can choose a doctor (GP or narrow-profile), a day and select time ONLINE;
  • A specialist and a patient interact in a video call;
  • The doctor records a conversation and he can view it, if necessary;
  • Also, the doctor can take screenshots for right diagnosis;
  • A patient can ask some questions online.
  • All video calls are recorded and saved to the cloud

Technical challenges we had

WebRTC calls from mobile devices to web application was relatively new technology, that’s why it took some time to find the right way of handling video calls. Recording and screenshots were also done from doctor’s side, which require more powerful laptops/PCs to be installed.

What we did

Business analysis
Project management
Web development
Mobile development
Quality Assurance

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