Visible Internet

Visible Internet is the bridge between smart phones, tablets and computers used by parents and their children!

No spying or policing, just modern day applications mixed with good parenting.

Visible Internet Inc. is a startup company who focused on development of technology, which allows parents to know how their children are using smartphones and it shows recent child location.


Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)


Angular.js, Ionic, Symfony 2, WordPress, Google Maps, Firebase Cloud Messaging, PayPal integration, SMS gateway integration


Gitlab, WebStorm, Visual Studio

Country of Origin

United States, Australia

Year completed


Project duration

> 10 months


Communication, Software for parents

Team size


Product development approach

Client came to us with idea and preliminary design in 2017. Together with his team we analyzed requirements and helped to choose the technology. The system contains:

  • Website (WordPress)
  • Mobile application for iOS and Android (Ionic)
  • Admin panel and API for mobile app (Symfony 2)

Initial work took 5 months, but after that we had more than 3 times, when new functionality was requested. Development is still in progress and new features are constantly added


We created a Website which is used for demo purposes and contains blog, FAQ, demo and Contact sections

API, mobile applications for iOS and Android were created. They allow parents to

  • add their children to the system
  • look through the screenshots, made from child’s device
  • see current location and the history of movements
  • share this information with other people

Application is running in Australia and United States now and has more than 1200 of users, who payed for it.


What we did

Business analysis
Project management
Web development
Mobile development
3rd-party API Integration
Quality Assurance

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