Thinking about rapid growth of your business and want to be prepared for a massive customers flow?

We will help you

  • to save money and time on recruiting
  • to focus on your business, not hiring
  • to have a developer ready to start with zero time needed for onboarding and learning of your product and ecosystem

How it works

1. Teach our engineers how your product works:

  • educational period for not less, than 2 weeks.
  • educational should be repeated every 6 months.
  • two engineers per position

2. When you need to enforce your team with new engineers – we will provide them:

  • 0-1 month : releasing developer from his current project
  • 1-2 month: developer works part-time with you
  • after 2 months: developer work full time on your project


Educational period is the time, when our engineers learn your product, processes and infrastructure.

During this period you could give any tasks to them. They can work on bugfixing, new features or just read the documentation.

This period should last not less than 2 weeks and at least two developers from our side should be involved.

We will charge you our standard hourly rates.

It is also possible, please check Insurance page for the details.

In rare cases it can happen, that during the time developers are in “inactive mode” they might be hired by someone else. We provide two options for this case:

  • We can provide another developer, who will start from the educational period, which original developers passed through. It’s free for you.
  • Developers, who were educated, can temporarily work on your project for the time, education happened previously. It is also free for you.


Book a time for online meeting with our CEO and no obligations. We will contact you to discuss all the details and the future steps.

Response time is 3 hours during working hours and 24h during weekend and holidays