Software for education of corporate employees

Our client is a startup, who wanted to develop a platform for online education of corporate employees

Problems they wanted to solve

  • Find a product that would allow companies (with which our client cooperates), to conduct training of  their employees without interrupting the workflow;
  • Make the learning process within companies more interesting, modern, convenient and accessible to all employees;
  • Also, diversify training process and simplify the process of performing quizzes;
  • Use multimedia in quizzes to improve the perception of learning materials.


In reality, it’s not always convenient for large companies to send an employee somewhere for individual training (increasing professional skills).

The optimal solution to this problem was the development of a special application (Web App) which helps employees be trained inside the company right at their workplace, at home, in transport, everywhere.


Web application


Zend Framework 2, jQuery, Grunt, Twitter Bootstrap


PHPStorm, Git

Country of Origin

Oslo, Norway

Year completed


Project duration

4 months



Team size


Working process

  1. Our team had regular calls  with the client about working moments;
  2. The client received information about the stages of project readiness from our business analyst;
  3. We carried out the planning, evaluation, and signing of a contract with the client;
  4. The next stage – working with periodic code delivery;
  5. Payment was monthly or as soon as milestones were completed;
  6. Our quality assurance specialist was conducting internal product testing to verify compliance of the final application version according to the client’s requirements;
  7. Preparation of all necessary documents for the final product;
  8. Code release for users;
  9. Tech support of the client (if problems arise, our developers fix them).

Final product and key results

The final result of our work is the “mLearning” web application.

It allows increasing the professional skills of employees inside large companies.

How does it work?

This web application helps an administrator to create various questions for quizzes. Also, an administrator can group members of the learning process.

Features of the application in more detail:

The product has a simple registration process (it takes just a few minutes);



    • Employees can be trained by using the application as well as SMS;
    • Our application helps to increase knowledge level without interrupting the workflow;
    • The quiz questions are diverse and include multimedia files. Therefore, the learning process is easy and funny;
    • The application has a special constructor to create various quizzes;
    • The final result of the quiz depends on each employee’s answer, and your next question will depend on the previous answer.


Technical challenges we had

It wasn’t easy to put into practice the idea of designing a quiz with non-standard rules (the standard way is when questions follow one another). In our quizzes, the next question depends on a certain answer.

But as you already know, there are no impossible tasks for our team.

We successfully solved the problem and the client was satisfied.

What we did

Business analysis
Project management
Web development
Mobile development
Quality Assurance

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