Software for students

Our client was a startup from Singapore with a few experts. They were entrepreneurs in the education sphere.

Challenges they wanted to solve

  • Improvement of student and teacher interaction by using modern technologies;
  • The desire to diversify the test items and options for their creation;
  • Allow parents of students to observe the achievements of their children.


The solution was a development of an online platform and mobile application which allow students and their teachers to use mobile phones or laptops/desktops to complete test worksheets.

This Online learning Application could improve and diversify the process of interaction between the teacher and the student.

Also, parents of students could be observers of the educational process in this online platform.


Web, Mobile (iOS, Android)


Angular.js , Ionic, Node.js, Cordova


Gitlab,  Visual Studio, Xcode

Country of Origin


Year completed


Project duration

7 months



Team size


Working process

  1. At first, we had a few conversations with the client to discuss working moments;
  2. We carried out the planning, evaluation, and signing of a contract with the client;
  3. During demo-meeting, our business analyst was communicating with the client and extracted information from him to developers. Also, the analyst provided information on the stages of readiness of the project;
  4. Then we were working with periodic code delivery;
5. Making payment (monthly or as soon as milestones were completed);
6. Our software tester (quality assurance engineer) was conducting internal product testing to verify quality and client’s requirements;
7. Code release for users;
8.Support (if problems arise, our developers fix them).

Final product and key results

The final product is an online platform in which everyone is involved:

  • It allows teachers to create various tests;
  • For students to complete them and accumulate points;
  • For parents to observe the studying process.

How does it work?

Our project allows teachers to create unique test items for students. These tests can be completed on computers and smartphones.

The main features of this online platform:

  • Teachers can create unique test items, including tests with mathematical formulas or some visual materials;
  • There is a special constructor to create tests;
  • Students can leave comments and questions;
  • Also, they can accumulate points for successfully completing a test;
  • The student sees how much he completed the assignment;
  • Also, he receives an alert about the upcoming test or the deadline.

Technical challenges we faced

The greatest difficulties were in developing a function that helps to formulate questions with several answers or with questions, the answers to which need to be printed manually. Moreover, it was not easy to introduce mathematical formulas into the test constructor.

Luckily for our client, these problems were successfully solved by the experience of our developers.

What we did

Business analysis
Project management
Web development
Mobile development
Quality Assurance

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