Healthcare projects

The Healthcare industry requires a lot of responsibility and understanding of regulatory rules, as long as how existing technologies could be applied to the people’s health and life.

What can we do together

Web applications

  • Online booking
  • Patients management
  • Clinics management
  • Prescriptions management

Mobile apps

  • Booking
  • Case management
  • Photos sharing
  • Patient history tracking

AR and VR

  • Medical education
  • Doctor’s handbook
  • Simulators
  • Rehabilitation


  • Patient history logging
  • Data Provenance and Integrity
  • Medical insurance claims
  • Sensors and IoT data logging

Hardware and IoT

  • Data collection
  • Monitoring
  • Devices Control

ML and DL

  • Patterns recognition
  • Prediction
  • Data classification

Video Conferences

  • Remote consultations
  • Video observation
  • Recordings and screenshots

Chat bots

  • Booking
  • Initial help
  • Consultations

Related projects

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