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Cyber Security Services

Uncover hidden risks earlier may safe your business

who we are?

Through thousands of engagements, our highly skilled teams navigate complex environments applying proven methodologies and leading practices to help ensure success. We offer deep and diverse skills, significant expertise in testing and deploying nearly any technology, and a unique ability to help you select the right solution for your environment.


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Application Penetration

Mobile Security Testing

Infrastructure Security

Architecture Security

Cloud Security

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Intrusion detection
and prevention

Security Monitoring

Security Operation

Manage Firewalls
and infrastructure

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Secure Development

Vulnerability Management


IT Security Strategy

what can we do?

We can research security challenges and develop solutions for hardware, software, devices and third-party products.

We can assist you with your software reverse engineering needs, as well as targeted vulnerability research.

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Reverse Engineering

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Threat Analysis

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C&C detection and remediation

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Signature creation

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Binary protection

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Intellectual Property Protection

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Searching for backdoors

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Mobile application security analysis

how does it work?



We assign a dedicated Service Delivery Manager (SDM) to serve as your point of contact and to guide onboarding


After a discovery workshop, we configure the SIEM device and set up log sources. We also include a health check and SIEM tuning to help ensure response readiness


Experts begin monitoring the environment 24x7x365, analyzing threats and providing alerts and actionable intelligence for critical incidents. We also deliver recommendations and remediation steps where needed


We continually optimize device operation to help ensure optimal performance. These services include ongoing configuration, change, problem and release managements, tuning and customization


Delivery of on-demand and scheduled reporting of defined security events to meet your business needs

trusted security professionals

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