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PHP, JS, jQuery, AngularJS, Timber, WordPress, Underscore.js, MailchimpAPI, GoogleAPI, TypeKitAPI, Less
Sublime Text 3, MySQL Workbench, LAMP
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the USA
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Dedicated Team


Project statement

Simple tool, that helps you to create your own website, edit it and change at any time. No coding is needed, just choose from the pre-designed cards, and create the website, that best matches your needs.

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Development approach

First of all we carefully designed various flexible cards with simplicity in mind. Once you add your own content, your website will be unique and special. Also, you can create a full website without having to deal with complex software or even think about coding. To make the magic happen, we use WordPress. Qards is WordPress Plugin so you can use it with all designed themes. We can really relate to this project now that we've grown this product from where we approached it. So we did all as below - -Business analysis. -Project Management. -Designing and UX planning. -Development -Quality Analysis done keeping in mind the standards of the industry.


Results Achieved

- custom HTML editing. - custom CSS editing. - support for shortcodes inside the block content and custom HTML. - ability to remove background images. - ability to change font family. - widget design. - automatic scroll to block after editing custom HTML. - ability to change background image - ability to upload images. - visual editor controls display in IE and FF. - logo upload widget being hidden behind menu icon - video display

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