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Web, IOS, Android
JavaScript, HTML, CSS, MySQL, yml, Symfony 2.8 (FOSRestBundle, FOSUserBundle, FOSOAuthServerBundle, NexmoBundle), git, MapKit, PushNotifications, AFTNetworking, EasyMapping Kit, SSKeyChain
WEBStorm, Angular JS, JQuery, Bootstrap CSS, PHPStorm, phpmyadmin, Digital Ocean, Postman, Command Line, Ubuntu, XCode
Country of origin
Saudi Arabia
Year completed
In progress
Cooperation models
Time & Materials


Project statement

It's an e-commerce mobile application that allows user to order goods and have them delivered to their location in an extremely short period of time (5-15 mins). The user will receive a notification for the items that will be available for purchase in the user's area ONLY WHEN the items are available in the delivery car in that area.Then the user will be able to browse and select items, add them to cart and then proceed with purchase order. The driver will receive the orders and locations of cutomers and then deliver the items using navigation in a timely fashion.

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Development approach

We're trying to meet best of the Agile and Scrum practices while working on this project. Daily meetings help to stay on same page for all of the team. Also, making demo for our product owners helps to figure out are we doing everything for our customer to be satisfied and successfull after the release. We think Tine & Material model works the best for this case as soon as there can be some changes throughout the development process.


Results Achieved

Functionality - Delivering items to customers inside of their area extremely quickly - Getting notifications by customers about ordering ability

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