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Hive Social
Android, iOS
Android SDK, RxJava, Volley, Glide, Gson, AFNetworking, Reactive cocoa, Mantle, SDWebImage
Android Studio, Xcode, Git
Country of origin
the USA
Year completed
social network
Cooperation models
Time & Materials


Project statement

Project was built as social network for local university. Students can share ideas, communicate, organize and follow groups, create posts, etc. Application is bringing students life on the whole new level. This, one can always get access to study materials, or get help, or find a fellow. With this app first-year students can start their social life with help and support, other can always be updated with the latest news. The main feature - everyone is related to the university, other are restricted from register into the system.

Phones original


Development approach

Application should fit both Android and iOS versions.So there were developed two native applications using Objective-C and Java along with numerous libraries and frameworks to work properly with the back-end APIs and dealing with numerous simultaneous requests.


Results achived

We have developed and upload the AppStore and Google PlayMarket full working applications that support all the main versions of mobile operating systems. Now, there are a lot of users who are satisfied with the features and functionality.


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